Serial and Signia

Serial and signia, the conditions we give for contrast and the spaces between volumes of letters or random score or numbered apostrophe. Space. Dashed. The fixative convergence of separating spine and volume with pulp, nerve and missing figures. Endings to hillock spark within columns, imagined support and structure to fit function. Perfectly timed sparks and glancing diagonals. Find more gaps and empty spaces for ever-missing measurements and the cruelty of some semblance, empties forever to the joy and hazard of ever more space for missing and lost volumes. If there were no missing section, zeroes would have no home, but still exist. If there were no missing section, there would still be missing information. Belonging doesn’t become reality. How could you ever find something without something to compare it with? The types of comparisons we use to locate and use information shape the information itself, data as nutrients, and have effect and affect on recall.

Shelves of dimension table

often, for numbers:

Converse themselves signia, imagery

surreal connection

ever present removal

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