Place. Meant.

Wider margins of doubt, more possible alternatives, the margin of necessary wrong, wild guesses and random seeming selection and identification procedures, illusions of time and space instead of motion and field: shapeliness. The unwillingness to be wrong or mistaken and the necessity of mythology to reason, mindful trickery. So easily demeaned as wrong or inaccurate selection and an unwillingness to wonder and question based on the embarrassment of wrong answers and stigma in the seeking out of lost cause. Necessary mistakes and the need for patience and analyzation, beyond railing dualist dichotomy and shallow comparison models for similarities, the ease of paradox and the exchangeable limits of fields and motions. The parable and paradigm in actual congruence and connectivity compared with the ease of similarities in proximity and paradox limits challenges and values. Facts, not feelings: unpopular sentiments and the need for critical thinking! Assumptions of observation and the conditions therein decided by inventions used to measure BIAS: could only measure a bias, could only place a theme, a momentary balance, and even then it’s entirely in accordance with instruments and the use of measuring instruments. Standards effect and affect upon solo autodidactic study in America, the survival rates of lost cause and far-fetched ideas, curiosity and as neutral a bias as possible in the organization of attention and materials. Fabricative coincidence of recombinative partialities in non-linear absorption and digestion in autonomous space with difference in transitional balance of variance and morphological structure in no particularity nor semblance, justice in presence and wherever it was being decent enough…The oblivion of obviousness in the discretions of space and fears that guard the wonder of curiosity and the great beyond. Easily mimicked and confused instincts, could seem like and be so many different partialities. The dangers in overspecialization and the unnecessary arranging for more inaccessibility to relevant discourse.

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