Missing Books.

Missing Section?

Big Ideas, abstract largeness, free thoughts particians from the state are to be found in solid universities and colleges, much easier to bear and more difficult to differentiate that in the Poor Man’s University. The Library as the greatest tutor. The actually free educations offered in the United, Stated truently, the Library or jail. Shelves worth listing, zen poetry and writings, some weird text-book with strange new forms and shapes, Fourrier transforms, Thompson, a book of great thinkers all living around the same time, a book about the history of everything or of the earth and wu li maybe? Of another country sunburned that now can be a country for another without one, a country that is, the education that is inescapable as the usual, and that which is taken upon oneself beyond circumstances or curriculum becoming necessary and the norm. The books they allow in jail and those they don’t, Law & Medicine. The nature of healing and the crimes of punishment, hinds feet in high places this other book from that place, and a dogs life or whether T’were heaven or hell, could report to Grecco after auto reading the number of the beast, certificates of entropy programmable, avoidances of participation or levy therein, the value of silence and text, of the antique beyond elitist encampments, torn and strange life books. Woolf and Tiptree Jr., the rest at rest for every one of them remembered returned beyond me, of that which I have to remember of the finest absolutely free education in America: Jail.

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