Lost, Random Stacks

Reading for puzzlement more often than for entertainment and interest, the standards necessary to looking in the mirror or walking along. Causation and collocation. Diction for the breadths of note or notes of imagined breathing or sound. Derived itself in severance values departed from the normality situative in language or conditioned in norms of exchange. Numbered letter, and lettered numbers, the frictive caution of wandering or feeling lost alone and utterly surrounded. Turning around to the number in mind or happening upon a display, aesthetics drawn in ideology and imagery, surrealism and sightly coincident or the graft of missing rarities. Quiet and tranquil, figured in space to sit and think and be silence with the muffling atmosphere. To be unafraid of the accident beyond the idea that coincidence could be caused by normality or that anything could truly belong forever. Maximus, of course there’s only a collection of missing ecclectic materials, the poor man’s university is still pretty leaneant toward the loud and smelly, it’s not only the sightliness nor solely utility, stuffiness, the bright shining windows and prisms of thought in a glance to beyond from within. Shifts from one row of spaces to another line of numbered spaces and letters, looking through volumes to ever more. Turned shelves to imperfect wonderment, any correlation could be made, each specificity between those spaces convenes itself in eventual chaos or actual ‘random’ stacks. Privacy, brings along new signia and censure, old superstitions and paranoia. (Durdonc will only work for ‘her’ stories someday, gather random will for lists. MARC). There’s no directory or insight, suggestion or direction, no scuffling, information is its own education, volunteering itself for occasion or need and reasserting itself to place.

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