Wandering space it expanded and collapsed the endings only ended. The end. Inaccurate guessing for decent questions, in highest hopes, to assume being in the wrong and to the pursuit of knowledge in information. For your information, this didn’t belong: hoping to echo the hopes of the dilemmas present and contiguous with main-stream ideas and ideals and their usual measures. Variations in literature, and the need for furthering of literary arts and sciences. Imagined literary events of the past, what’s wanted in connection to workers and works, the libraries in what’s left of small towns…Accessibility in rural places, draining efforts of attention and ridicule, unnecessary and calm, decent refusal of reciprocation, how a librarian looks or what’s the best exposure, in all hopes of the love of books and the democratic institution of Libraries, what sort of investment would be needed or progressive and positive and futuristic enough. What inventions of words could further in places like this, especially in small rural towns, especially in search of this millennium, this millennial thought, the beauty of every inaccessible place! The need for inclusiveness and interaction in all the lonesome departures of small town life. Anyplace is anywhere these days, value and respect are just as difficult or bearing in the want to defend books, are always being shoved to a defensive or just these few darkly lit passages of just these few departures of subject, here, particularity and all of them split and well sanctioned already, decimal points of abstraction, beauty in numbered letters facing a truly democratic institution: the only thing to truly face a library…the books.

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