I got Ideals…


The distance between applied science and the arts section, 600s and 700s, the differences between sewing and crochet work, the distinctions in design or application of usefulness in reckoning and sighing attentive weight. The constraining sense of indicative in absolute ideals for placement, for meaning, for information reliability. A book that could fit in any section of the library, a book that could miss every one of them. 640, applied science, sewing and industriousness in zippers and pockets and buttons, design of shapeliness and form in crochet and knitting, 740, closeness and use, applicant variant potentiality and conditions of invention and usefulness. Art or science? What application? What usefulness? There’s only one section for art in all of the non-fiction section…The arts of natural science and religion could figure any section as home, given the correct title. What does entitlement decide in organization and the value of information and its assumed application or usefulness? Labels and the roles fit for us or our works, the need for individuality apart from these assembly line personages and allowances in work and usefulness we’ve been conditioned with.

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