Autodidactic study in metatheory: used miscellaneous banned Z-library materials stretching theory across new spectrums of the zeroes generality section, waiting in the eights and swarmed comfort in the fives and threes, between every leaflet bound in codice, information itself, or inspiration and imagination and the place to find logic and As A Man Thinketh from even sections separated in religion or psychology. What’s nearby, the uses and usefulness of books, the need to slow and quiet down seem like unpopular sentiments…

Absolved Meanings…

How a shelf could turn consciousness, process or just how a thought alone could change. What imagination could inspire in the ideas of process or airs, soul and inspiration? How that predicament involved and puzzled, interest and intuition in the body and constructs of imaginary space: time between glances and recognition or seeing something compared with the experience of it. How could it feel like this circumstance of mine could be happening upon me? I feel like I found out a secret: Mortamer Adler and Charles Van Doren are not online at WorldCat, or I couldn’t find them there, or I have made a false connection, continuing by accident: was it the vandalization of writing in them or the insanity of machine-readable causation in catalog? Cause and collocation, spaces removal and the shadows of usage counted in zeroes sections alone with under-scored space or randomly blank…imagined space in decimal, a line of thinking to a shelf turned thought to a point also of dissipation. Wonders and enchantment, the usefulness of information and its belonging. Just imagine!

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