Distances Between

The distance between William Patry and Stuart Kells, Bibliotech: Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever In the Age of Google and Libraries: A Catalog of Wonders. How backwards it feels, bibliotech ain’t exactly recognized as a word, and that book has much more information on and interest in technology than the other. It almost seems unfair. Boredom care and disheveling awkward silence, departures of relevance from the lists of past materials, absurdity in the idea of perfectly ordering a shelf or place, would they both belong in the zeroes section or just a z-library? Belonging seems unfair as well, the justification of organization of information ratifies continually, and has stayed the same, congruently changing differences. Rambling mediums of coherence and investments in placement and relevance: the need to forget the possible meanings in a list, the want to reconcile differences between mediums and space, to find variations of comparison and accuracy. Just imagine the missing poetry, here!

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