The distractions of indifference and the intensities of shelving relevance or care, no matter or cause to what could be nearby, the firmament of difference in applied science or art, the considerations of sewing or decorative crochet work, the intricacies of belonging to either 640 or 740. The turning of a shelf in mind, the curvature of spine from one row to the next, lettered numbers and numbered letters, removals and replacements of indicative space and time, count use timing fairness or access, determinant values of consolidated data and the cataloging of event or ratio to aspects of notice and attention. 160, 310! (logic, stat!), immersive values of space and utterances of interest and involvement in information, of the sense of being stared at by a volume you haven’t read through yet, or the relevance of contrast between whatever you just put down and whatever ends up getting read. Is a thrift book really easier to read? Cause and allocation, collocation and reason, indicative norms in information and its reliability. Wonderment and endless adventure in the library!

Collocation & Allocation: belonging…

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